"There is no need to pay high franchise fees to operate a 24/7/365 gym. All that is needed is the right gym management software system and tools designed to help you manage a successful 24 hour gym and health club operation!"

Today, more than ever it's important that your health club software for managing members is completely integrated with your billing and door access system so that your not managing multiple software platforms and databases. By using our health club software and integrated 24 hour health club access control module gym owners can effectively offer their members safe, round-the-clock access to the the fitness center. Our integrated gym platform is designed to help club owners reduce costs and provide members with better service. Additionally the integrated health club platform for gyms allows club owners to spend less time managing their member database and more time to focus on other areas of their health club.

Managing a health club can be complicated, costly, and time consuming. Our fitness center software seamlessly integrates member information , 24 hour automated security access and billing into one easy to use solution for managing a health club. With our software you can easily control access to different areas of your health club based on different membership types you offer at your gym (up to 10 doors-including tanning rooms,spas,locker rooms), store member information and automatically bill your gym members.

There are multiple camera, 24 hour health club access control and health club software systems on the market, but by integrating  these technologies into one complete and unique Total Member Management platform, The software allows you to easily reduce your costs of managing a health club and gym while increasing your profitability. Our Fitness Center management software was designed by health club owners and we are constantly incorporating feed-back from our gym clients to enhance our fitness center solution features.

So if the idea of less complication, more profit and greater freedom appeals to you Click Here to contact us for further details regarding our Gym Management System for health clubs.

Easy to Use

We have designed our health club software from the ground up to work in any web browser- and we haven't forgotten about our smaller fitness center clients either. From a membership base of a few hundred to thousands of members, eZclub.NET Health Club Management System will improve your overhead and help you provide a better service to your health club members.

eZclub.NET performs all of the functions that you would expect from a complete Gym Management perspective. including storing member's details, scheduling, reporting, Credit Card/EFT recurring billing features and logging access to the health club. In addition eZclub.NET Health Club Software is web-based and can be accessed from any connection via the Internet, can be hosted locally on your servers (we provide all the hardware) or hosted in our data center, It has been designed to integrate with other fitness center management modules such as our 24 Hour Health Club Access Control System and Our ReplicateNow Software (Replicate member data across multiple health clubs and gyms)

This integration results in a complete Health Club and Gym Software solution for managing any type of fitness center.


  • Membership and Group Management (No Limit)
  • Prospect Management
  • Member Measurement Tracking
  • 24 Hour Health Club Access Control (Unlimited Rules and Configurations by Member and Group)
  • Ability to add and configure exclusion restrictions for member access
  • Check-In Module for Front Desk
  • Employee Time Management
  • Recurring Billing (Credit Card and EFT)
  • Point of Sale
  • Scheduling: Daily and Calendar, Schedule Personal Trainers, Rooms, and Events.
  • Inventory Management
  • Gym and Health Club Access and Utilization Statistics
  • Reporting
  • Email Marketing (Individual or Group)
  • Quickbooks file download
  • Free Training on our Gym Management Software

Access Control

Customize Your Gym Access for your members: Easily setup different rules such as 24 hour access, Weekend Only Access, Morning Only Access etc.

Our Interactive Keypad and EnterNow! gym member access system provides your fitness center members with an easy-to-use interface to access your health club. Gym members can enter their member number and access code and be granted access to the fitness center based on the access rule associated with their account. (an unlimited number of access rules can be created in the Gym Management System and each member can have a different access rule associated with their account)

Our 24 Hour Health Club Access Control Software also works with RFID Proximity Card Reader technology for member access using cards or key fobs.(designed for clients who wish to utilize a card entry system.)


  • Save Money on purchasing proximity cards and key fobs, by utilizing the integrated interactive keypad and display. (Clients save between $1200-$1800 per year on card maintenance and replenishment by utilizing this solution to manage gym entry)
  • Allow members to conveniently access your facility without the need to carry a card or key chain to the health club.
  • Ability to compete with other gyms by offering 24x7x365 Automated Self-Service Access to your facility without increase in staff costs.
  • Increase member retention and attract new members by offering different plans based on customized access rules.
  • Allow gym members to workout on their own time and schedules.
  • Reduce overhead by completely automating the health club.
  • Flexibility to create multiple pricing plans based on door and time access with the ability to utilize exclusion rules. For example instead of 24x7 availability, you can setup rules to be open from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. or you can limit extended hours to exclude peak times on specific days or specific doors such as tanning room.