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Gym Management for health clubs and fitness centers using eZclub.NET is easy!

Our web-based platform,eZclub.NET for gym management for health clubs and gyms provides Member Management, Reporting ,Inventory, Sales, Employee Time Tracking, batch billing (process member dues electronically) and capture of members. It includes a module that allows for the member to enter their member number and code into the form to register that they have been at the facility. Our system captures this data to provide you with a better view of your facility utilization rates.

In addition our gym system for management comes complete with a Real-Time dashboard giving you an overall view of your facility and member status a well as age group and male/females and etc… The Gym Management platform also comes complete with standard reports that can give you an overall sense of how your facility is operating. Some of these reports include utilization (daily, monthly), Member Non- Usage/Usage reports, Machine Maintenance Log reports,Monthly Payment report (for monthly members), Invoice report, Sales Report, Inventory Report, Inventory Threshold Report and more.

eZclub.NET Gym Management Features

  • Web-based: Gym Management and Member Data Access over any internet enabled connection.
  • No Network package required:Access from multiple computers within the facility.
  • No limit on number of members or users.
  • Customization: Create groups, member types,locations, fee rates, multiple access rules and more.
  • Recurring Billing: Setup a member to be billed automatically every month.
  • Member Reminders: Set a reminder on a member's account and view it on the dashboard
  • Member Birthdays: See upcoming Member birthdays directly on the dashboard.
  • Reporting: Facility Utilization (Monthly, Daily), No-Show, Maintenance Log, Member Usage, Member Expiration, Payment Summary, Sales, Invoice, Inventory, Member Info, Group Info, Email Monthly Usage- EXPORT Reports to Excel or PDF
  • Dashboard: Real-time information of Members. (Active/Inactive, Male/Female, Age grouping (Oldest/Average/Youngest)
  • Multi-User (Admin, User, and Personal Trainer): Limit the member data available to users. For example personal trainers can only see members that they are assigned to for training.
  • Personal Training Progress: Use the System to keep track of weight and measurement progress of members.
  • Order & Sales(POS):Use the order form to create a point-of-sale entry and to charge clients for inventory products such as an energy bar or drink.
  • Inventory: Maintain and keep track of inventory levels-ability to track inventory, apply/not apply sales tax (for service-type products)
  • Marketing: Ability to send marketing emails to any group or member-Create a prospects group in the system and create an email to send to all in the group with the click of a button.
  • Employee Time Tracking:Employees can use the system to keep track of their time-eZclub.NET provides a screen to allow employees to easily clock in and out to capture their time.
  • Calendar: Create an event and see it in the calendar view-Schedule members, personal trainers and rooms to any event, Print off each days scheduled events and etc..
  • Replicate Members Across Gyms and Health Clubs with Member Replication Software.
eZclub.NET Gym Dashboard
eZclub.Net Gym Dashboard
eZclub.NET Gym Membership List
eZclub.Net Gym Member List
eZclub.NET Gym Membership Detail
eZclub.Net Gym Member Detail