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Our 24 Hour Gym Management System Reviews.

We are highly impressed with the user interface of the Firebug system. It is very easy to use and just an overall great working system. Firebug made the transaction from our previous system to the Firebug system very easy.

Most importantly, we want to thank Roger and his team at Firebug for the continuous support. He has answered every question that we have had. The customer service is very good and speaks volumes over all the other perks of this system!

Bernie Loftin, North Caddo Medical Center Fitness Center, Lousiana

As a start up gym, Firebug's integrated gym management software and system has allowed me to work the hours I need to work and maintain the flexibility necessary with a young family.

Even with the novelty of a brand new gym, the 24 hour access system is a huge selling point in a rural mountain town where it can be tough to get a cell signal and high speed internet is almost nonexistent.


The billing software is a miracle for someone who likes to keep things simple, and it allows me to spend more time with members. The gym management software support has been superb, and the system has operated as advertised. I believe it is a great investment.


Scott Ziegler, Owner of Ironworks Fitness, California

We chose Firebug Software after much research of gym management software solutions. We have been open for four months now and the software works great! I can manage membership, billing, entry door and tanning bed access all from one system. Even though we are not a huge club for Firebug, I never felt we were any less important to them. Firebug was always available and responsive, delivering on every aspect of our project down to the letter…no matter what time of day or night. I am happy to say that this high level of service has continued even after the sale. Thank you Roger and Firebug for a great customer experience!!

Londa Hipp, Owner of TruFitness Your Way, Inc., Georgia

Firebug Software, LLC is the backbone of FitMe Wellness. Their Integrated Gym Management Software seamlessly manages our access control and billing to allow me more time to work on pleasing my existing customers and gaining new members.

Whenever issues arise, tech support is only a phone call away and issues are always resolved promptly. I couldn't be happier with the service.
And it's priced great too...

Greg Georgis, Owner/Founder FitMe wellness , Illinois

Just wanted to take a moment to say “Thanks” for all the support with your gym management software! The Firebug software has been a lifesaver… it has allowed my partners and me to efficiently operate our small gym with a minimum of man hours. We really do not know how we would do it without the features built into the software. Once the member is setup everything else just seems to fall in place with a minimum amount of work. The member entry features and integrated recurrent billing works great with only a slight learning curve for the user.

Regardless of how great the Gym Management Software and equipment is, ultimately it comes down to if the customer can depend on the people behind the product. Let me say that I have never felt like you are multiple states away from me. The timeliness and accuracy of your help when I have needed you is spot on! You obviously know your product and how to help those less technically savvy.

Thanks again and I look forward to continuing to do business with you in multiple locations! The Firebug Gym Management Software System has been a BIG part of PACs Wellness Success.

E. Vincent Clark, Owner, PACs Wellness , Georgia

Firebug Software has allowed us to keep our gym open 24 hours a day with very few interruptions. Their customer service staff has made themselves available at various hours of the day and even on weekends and have been helpful any time we've had a technical issue. Thanks Firebug Software!

CC, Owner, Manager,Fit Club 24, Texas

I have been wanting to convert our gym intro a 24 Hour Facility but was always hesitant for I assumed it would be complicated and expensive. After visiting with "Firebug Gym Management Software" I found out that my assumptions were wrong. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how simple and affordable the process was going to be. With the help and direction of Firebug Gym Systems, it took me about 2 weeks to create our 24 hour environment. Firebug was not only great with helping me get set up, but they, Roger, has been an excellent resource for training, answering random questions and helping me problem solve technical bumps....they respond promptly to my calls/emails and even "remotes" into my computer and handles things for me; that has been a huge help and I truly appreciate it. Thanks Firebug Software Gym Management for making this a very simple process!

Darin Tucker,Orofino Physical Therapy and Wellness, Orofino, ID

3 Guys Fitness has been using firebug software since our opening day, 3 months ago, and we have no regrets. The support team is reliable, professional, and know their product. Any issues we have had, and there have not been many, were resolved within the business day.

Firebug is easy to use and provides us with all the tools necessary to operate a 24-hour, members-only fitness center. Firebug is definitely on point if you are looking for gym management software. We give it six thumbs up

Nathan, Owner,3 Guys Fitness, Masontown,West Virgina

We have been using the Firebug Gym System for our Wellness Center facility since March 2012. We are a small Wellness Center that operates on a volunteer basis. Our member base is about 265 members and growing daily. We have no employees and the facility is not staffed. The system has allowed us to operate the facility very easily and cost effectively in this manner. The system automatically checks membership record information to allow access into the facility during the facility hours which we have set. In our research we could not find any other programs which would communicate with the membership software like this. The system is very user friendly.

The startup cost is affordable and the process was easy and quick. Firebug Support was very helpful and worked with our technician to install everything correctly. With just a little training we were ready to go and it was fast and easy to enter all the membership information. The greatest thing about the software is the ability to have remote access to the system through the Internet. We are able to enter and check membership information from anywhere which allows us great flexibility.

The Firebug software team is great to work with.They respond very quickly to any questions we have and excellent training on the system. We are very happy with the performance of the system. It is working great. The access control keypad is very easy for our members to use. We highly recommend the Firebug Gym Management System and the Firebug team.

Lori Rasmussen, Fillmore County Wellness , Nebraska

I ran across Firebug while searching for a new version of a different Gym management Software. Thank God I did! Firebug has been the easiest Gym Management Software I ever used. Being in the fitness industry for over 15 years I have had the opportunity to use several programs.


Firebug's Gym Management Software is without a doubt the best I have used to date.


Roger, my Firebug rep, is always available to answer question and updates my software when needed. I own and operate a 24 hour fitness center in Morgantown, WV.

My first 4 weeks open I signed up 480 members. The Firebug software along with the support from Roger made the process simple and stress free.

I highly recommend Firebug to anyone in the market for Gym Management Software!

Rob Cress, Owner of Rob's Fitness Factory , West Virgina

Upon first hearing the information about Firebug software’s gym management system I was skeptical, but after it was installed and seeing the amazing features it offers for a 24 hour gym I was very happy with my decision to purchase the gym management software! The support and technical assistance I have received and continue to receive is outstanding! We have used it now and are totally sold on the fact that from start to finish it will increase security and decrease the need for employee overhead!

If you have shopped around like I have, choosing Firebug software will put an end to your search for a reliable and functioning gym management system!

Nolan Halliburton, Co-owner Body work gym, Mississippi

Step Fitness is an upscale, private feel 24 hour fitness facility. We specialize in personal training with guaranteed results. Since the installation of the Firebug Software and key pad system our business as well as our personal life has never been the same.


Firebug has allowed our business to cut back on payroll and all elements related. This has saved our company thousands of dollars and has helped us to grow and upgrade faster than we could ever imagine.


Firebug has top notch customer service. I love the way I can call and my issue is taken care of immediately. I never have to wait on hold to talk to some about a question. The staff is always available, 24 hours 7 days a week. Where else can you find an actual person you can talk to anytime no matter what the question.


Firebug is so affordable for the quality and actual performance of the equipment. I have never been so stress- free as a business owner.


Thank you Firebug Software. You have helped make Step Fitness a growing leader in the fitness industry.

Michelle Richards, Owner of Step Fitness in Lake City, Florida

Roger and the Firebug Software team made our 24/7 fitness center concept become a reality!


As a first time gym owner we searched the market tirelessly for the most optimal membership software and door access system available. After finding out what other providers offered we found that FireBug was the most benefitical to us as a company that is looking to expand beyond just one facility in the future.


Once we had made the decision to use Firebug, The Support team worked around the clock making sure that we as well as our subcontractors were on the same page as far as the logistics and requirements of the system goes insuring that we would have a seamless opening when the time came to open the doors at our facility.


Some of the features that we found to be superior on a management stand point were the capabilities of being able to view the data from any computer in the world because of the web capabilities. As well as a often un noticed benefit of having a key pad entry rather than rfid reader. The fact that we have no members leaving their keys in the facility and getting locked out of the building during unstaffed hours really makes our life a lot easier.


The customer support during the final days prior to opening the doors was incredible. The fact that Firebug Software's Support was available 7 days a week really made our opening a lot smoother than we had originally expected.


Thank you Firebug Software!!!

Dave & Joseph , Owners of Fit Results Gym in Billerica, Massachusetts

Sports 24 Hour Fitness has been opened a little over 4 weeks now and after reviewing many software companies to fulfill our needs we choose Firebug Software. This software might not have the pretty graphics that some software providers show you, but it is all geared up to do all you want it to do for your fitness center and more importantly your CLIENTS.


I cannot express enough how supportive and available Firebug has made themselves to us in the first few days of using Firebug software to the present day. No matter what time of day, Roger Rabii has made himself available to me for help and/or questions. One particular Saturday evening comes to mind when we had a Virus on our computer system (no fault of Firebug but one of my employees doing), our system completely crashed. Member software was down & the doors were offline, Roger stayed on the phone with me for a total of, off and on, 5 hours, it was almost 9pm when we were able to restore our system. We were lucky in the respect of restoring our system, but it was comforting knowing they back up our database on a nightly basis.


These people at Firebug really listen to their customers suggestions. You suggest something you would like to see your gym management software perform for you and these people will try to accommodate you. The people from Firebug are in the fitness business and created their own gym management software to meet their own needs, so they try to make your gym management system customizable to your needs.


I am really pleased with Firebug Software and going forward we plan on opening our second facility in a few months and Firebug will be a part of our expansion as well.

Nunzio Tenuta, Operations Director of Sports 24 Hr Fitness in Kenosha,Wisconsin

After researching for over 60 hours on the Internet, for a 24 Hour Automated Door Access System for my fitness center, that also included a gym management software system, I only found one that met my needs. Its Firebug Software! Actually it exceeds my needs! I wanted to convert my gym into a 24 hour gym to cut down on labor and to give my gym a unique selling proposition that would set it apart from the other gyms in my town. Roger Rabii, founder of the firebug software system, called me personally after I signed up for the free firebug gym software demo.


He was very passionate about the 24 hour fitness center software product he created, and answered every concern I had, that I decided to feature him on my fitnessmarketing.TV podcast and website. My staff and members love the system. I actually had another system before I found Firebug gym software, but it didn’t have any software integrated into it to keep track of member, and was a nightmare to keep up with members who were expired and kept accessing the gym anyway, but not anymore, the security features Firebug gym Door Access System has is great. I paid the same amount for the first system I had, but without the software. The gym management software is worth way more than the system cost by itself. I compared other gym software systems alone, and the closest feature gym software was over $10,000.


The firebug system even has the ability to integrate a camera surveillance system with it. It truly is the only total package 24 hour fitness center access systems out there.The customer service is excellent by all accounts, they respond immediately day or night when I've called with any question.They are constantly upgrading new features to the system that their customers, like me, have requested to be in the future upgrades.


If you own or would like to own or start a fitness center, you have to automate it to make the most of your time and money, when someone doesn't show up to work, that's ok, you just leave the system on and everyone still gets in to do everything they need to do, but without it costing you any labor at all.


It really is the only choice for me, and may be for your competition unless you get it now before they do. don't buy another piece of equipment until you get this system first, it will pay for its self the first few months easily, mine did, and my wife loves it now because she doesn't have to stay and work for someone that didn't show up.

Shannon Cook, Owner of Temple Gym in Northport, Alabama

Our conversion to a 24-hour facility at the end of 2008 has proven to be one of our best decisions in our 14 year history. Firebug's Gym Management Software & Door Control/Monitoring system is an essential part of our daily operations.


Firebug Software Support is only a phone call or text away. They truly provide a consistently high level of customer service.

Jeff Blake, President of Crabby Jack's Gym in Hobbs, New Mexico

Our experience with Firebug gym management software has been excellent.

We are first time gym owners and the software has been very easy to use and has provided us with more information than we can possibly use at this point. Your prompt personal response to all of our questions big and small has certainly been appreciated. The commitment you have shown to make an excellent product better with your recent software update, assures me that we will have the best software to manage our gym now and in the future.


The software along with the customer service provided; has been exceptional.

We would recommend Firebug to fellow business owners in the gym industry. Feel free to have anyone considering your software to give us a call. Thanks again for your first rate service.


Eric & Sherry Bourrie, Owners of Team2B Fit , Georgia

The Firebug Gym Software has given us everything that we need to efficiently open and run our first two gym locations. It has the capability to do everything our gym requires and much more. Having one platform that manages memberships, billing, door access, and room scheduling is vital.

I highly recommend the gym management software system and plan on taking it with us as our business grows and expands to additional locations!

Cade Coltrin, Idaho Fitness Factory , Idaho

We are a 24/7 gym and spa located near Tampa, Florida and are a new Firebug Gym Management Software customer. We decided to transition from our current gym management software and door access system and Firebug Software fit the bill! Not only does the gym management system take care of our day-to-day business needs, it allows for flexibility as we grow. I also love that we can run reports to track all aspects of our business.


From the moment we inquired with Roger about Firebug Software's Gym Management software he has been professional, timely and patient. Prior to our decision, Firebug Software provided several references whom we found to be just as satisfied as we are!


Firebug Software has successfully taken us through the full changeover from the old hardware and gym software in a little over two weeks. Roger took the time to communicate directly with our local hardware installer to clarify procedures and answer any questions allowing for a seamless transition. Roger has been right with us throughout the entire process.


Whatever we need from Roger and Firebug, he is quick to respond and is consistently helpful. Further, he has been open to our requests to make software adaptations specific to our unique needs.

I would highly recommend speaking with Roger at Firebug Software to discuss their gym management system and how they can help fill your business needs!

Candace Jeanneret, General Manager of Blend Fitness , Florida

Thank you all for your support. It’s been great working with Firebug Gym Management Software you’re all so dedicated to providing the best service and product possible. What sets you apart for us is that we can call your support team and present them with a challenge that we’re having and there is an immediate response day or night with professional help. The systems are easy to use and reliable. Our members love not having a card to carry around just to lose and then replace at a cost.

Cor24Fitness, Ponderay,Idaho

I own Pro Fitness 24-7 and Tanning of Greenville, NC. My dream has always been to open up a 24-7 facility. I happened to find Firebug's Gym Management Software one day when I researched the web and they seemed legit as I called numerous references. I always do my research on everything I do because when it comes to your business you have to be careful on your investment. I have been using the Gym Software for almost 2 years now and it is for real! It makes my life easier where I train and manage my club by myself....yes!! myself!!! My Account Rep, helps me with any problem promptly

I highly recommend this 24-7 management software to any club owner who wishes to go 24-7 with ease!

Roy Hopkins, Owner,Pro Fitness 24-7 and Tanning, Greenville,North Carolina

Firebug Software’s staff has been extremely easy to work with. They are able to bring all the technical "stuff" down to layman's terms and easy to understand.Firebug Software’s support has been there whenever we have had an issue that we needed assistance with - even during Christmas-No one could ask for anything more.The Firebug system has been great to work with and love that we are able to continue to add to the system as we grow and need more items added.

We would highly recommend the Firebug Gym System to anyone that was thinking of opening a new gym. We are very proud to have a state of the art system and our members have had no issues using the system - they find it very user friendly"

Margaret Taylor,Paul Vogt, Monument Fitness Club ,Grand Junction, Colorado

My experience with Firebug has been excellent! Roger and his technical support staff have always been quick to respond and always have the answer.

I talked with several software company's and they always seemed to ask someone else for the answer to my questions. It is nice to get instant support and a repsonse when you need. The merchant processing has worked exactly as it should and the rates are much cheaper than the others I looked at. Overall for the cost Firebug Software has been a perfect fit for me. It does everything I need it to and more. The 24/7 access system has worked flawlessly. Firebug sends you everything you need to get this setup. All you need is a locksmith to come by and do the install. I believe the software was a great investment and it will serve me for many years to come.

Josh Allen, Owner LiveFit , Ardmore, Tennessee

After looking at several different gym management software systems we selected Firebug Software. The Gym Management System has an easy to use format and the support is second to none! not to mention that this is a turn-key package.

Chris Brand Owner of Priority Fitness, Indiana

Firebug Software’s Gym Management System has allowed me and my partner to open and effectively run a 24 hour fitness center.

Both of us have high demanding jobs and the fitness center is a second business for both of us. Firebug has created a system that not only manages our members but also manages the secure access to the facility and automates the process to the extent possible. This has removed the need for us to employ an individual more than a few hours a day, which increases our net income.


Firebug’s Gym Management System is what has allowed us to continue our careers and also become the owners of a successful 24 hour fitness center.

I highly recommend looking at the Firebug Gym Management System for your gym management needs!


Jack Reed Owner of Atlas Fitness, Oklahoma